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A family run funeral parlour

By using a family run funeral parlour, you can look forward to a personal service that tends to your needs directly. At Amanda Dalby Funeral Services, we work with people throughout Halifax and Huddersfield.

Following a death

Following the death of a loved one, you should contact your GP to certify it. In the case of an unexpected death, you should call 999.


Once the coroner's office confirms you can do so, contact us and we can begin assisting with the funeral arrangements.

Are you looking for assistance with your funeral arrangements? Call:

01422 253 593

Religious funeral services

Everyone's idea of an appropriate funeral service is different. Whether you're looking for a religious funeral service or a simple cremation, we at Amanda Dalby Funeral Services can assist with the arrangements. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Help with funeral arrangements

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